For Pet’s Sake: Helping our Fur-Babies Cope with Stress

Coda and Slash

The Blogger’s pets, Coda (L) and Slash.


As many of you know, of The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™ is produced by the same people who bring you shows like The Balancing Act®  and Designing Spaces™ , both of which are currently airing on Lifetime®.  This morning, one of our senior producers turned me on to a recent BA episode.

I have a dog and a cat, both of which are thoroughly high-strung.  Coda, our Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix, goes into freak-out mode when there are loud noises (which made this year’s 4th of July celebrations interesting, as he scrambled through my legs to seek shelter underneath my desk).   Living in South Florida, especially during the rainy season, we’ve learned to keep his special shirt handy whenever the forecast calls for our regular summer afternoon thunderstorms.  Our cat, Slash, is sensitive to even the slightest change in his environment – the last change resulted in a frightening case of stress-related alopecia that decimated his luxurious fur coat.  Needless to say, I’m for anything that will help de-stress my fur-babies.

In this episode, pet expert Dr. Laura Petree talks about ways we pet owners can help reduce stress for our dogs and cats.  Enjoy!

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