Competitive Edge TV™ LLC and O2 Media™ Inc. are proud to announce that Bishop Fleet Optimization LLC will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™ slated to air in the 4th Quarter of 2013.

BISHOP Fleet Optimization (BFO) is a multi-national fleet consulting firm that has pioneered the use of 5-week GPS audits to optimize the number of vehicles in fleets, using the company’s own GPS tracking device system.

Derrick Bishop, Managing Director of Bishop Fleet Optimization, will join The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™ in the upcoming episode entitled “Advances in Fleet Optimization Technology and Applications” to educate viewers on the latest audit techniques. The segment will explore how BFO has helped Government departments and other organizations save millions of dollars through its innovative GPS-based fleet optimization strategy that helps eliminate surplus fleet vehicles and uncovers transport related operational inefficiencies.

Bishop Fleet Optimization has built thousands of GPS units specifically designed to support its fleet consulting business.  The proprietary rapid-deploy GPS units lock into the vehicle lighter socket to gather the 5-week data snapshot.  “A 5-week GPS-based fleet utilization snapshot is all that most organizations need to understand where inefficiencies exist and to quantify the problems to promote organizational change,” explains Bishop.  “The innovation cuts waste not services making it a popular choice for managers.  Additionally, organizations typically make $1,000,000 for every $50,000 spent which creates a welcome funding source to improve cash flow, retire debt or revitalize ‘green’ fleet initiatives that often struggle to find cash.”

“We’re looking forward to having Bishop Fleet Optimization on the show to tell us more in-depth information about their successful innovative 5-week GPS audits which provide a viable solution to help fleet managers,” said Jack Swartz, Senior Producer, The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™. 


Additional information on Bishop Fleet Optimization can be found at

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For Pet’s Sake: Helping our Fur-Babies Cope with Stress

Coda and Slash

The Blogger’s pets, Coda (L) and Slash.


As many of you know, of The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™ is produced by the same people who bring you shows like The Balancing Act®  and Designing Spaces™ , both of which are currently airing on Lifetime®.  This morning, one of our senior producers turned me on to a recent BA episode.

I have a dog and a cat, both of which are thoroughly high-strung.  Coda, our Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix, goes into freak-out mode when there are loud noises (which made this year’s 4th of July celebrations interesting, as he scrambled through my legs to seek shelter underneath my desk).   Living in South Florida, especially during the rainy season, we’ve learned to keep his special shirt handy whenever the forecast calls for our regular summer afternoon thunderstorms.  Our cat, Slash, is sensitive to even the slightest change in his environment – the last change resulted in a frightening case of stress-related alopecia that decimated his luxurious fur coat.  Needless to say, I’m for anything that will help de-stress my fur-babies.

In this episode, pet expert Dr. Laura Petree talks about ways we pet owners can help reduce stress for our dogs and cats.  Enjoy!

The Power of Promotion


An important part of what we do here at CE, in addition to writing, shooting and all of the other duties that go into a great television production is the promotion.  Every segment that airs on our program is promoted extensively through press releases, through our social media pages, and via articles posted right here on our WordPress site.

It’s not just about promoting our show:  The participants that are selected reap obvious benefits from the exposure generated when their segment airs, and we encourage them to leverage the publicity for their own gain.  Here are just a few examples:

  • We offer banner ads that can be added to the Participant’s website to promote their appearance on the show to their customer base.
  • We also encourage the Participant to share through their own social media pages, through personal and company blogs, and by posting and sharing personal photos or video that they took at the shoot location during production.  In fact, a recent study by Zoomerang indicates that 81% of small business owners use social media as a means of finding new customers and promoting their product or service.
  • E-mails, whether sent internally to staff or to members of a Participant’s mailing list are also a great venue for promotion.  Even adding a link to the segment at the bottom of an e-mail signature will prompt readers to click through to the segment.  In addition, company newsletters can also be used as part of the promotion.
  • Some participants even take the initiative and contact local radio and newspapers, as well as trade magazines, taking out print ads and purchasing radio spots.

By taking advantage of the cross-promotional platform, participants are able to spread the word about their company to more potential clients – while we, in turn, reach out to more potential viewers.

Image of the Day: On the Set

During the taping of the show, hosts Kristy Villa and Joe Namath share a lighthearted moment with Appsbar President and guest Michael Richmond.

During the taping of the show, hosts Kristy Villa and Joe Namath share a lighthearted moment with  their guest, Appsbar President  Michael Richmond.


Image of the Day: “Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!”

Federated Precision Co-Founder and CEO Sam Havelock, one of the featured guests on the show, gets a fresh touch-up.

Federated Precision Co-Founder and CEO Sam Havelock, one of the featured guests on the show, gets a fresh touch-up before his appearance on the show.

Image of the Day: Production Meeting

Production Meeting:  Joe discusses the upcoming shoot with guest Chris Palermo, President and CEO of Global Communications Networks, Inc.

Production Meeting: Joe discusses the upcoming shoot with guest Chris Palermo, President and CEO of Global Communications Networks, Inc.