The Power of Promotion


An important part of what we do here at CE, in addition to writing, shooting and all of the other duties that go into a great television production is the promotion.  Every segment that airs on our program is promoted extensively through press releases, through our social media pages, and via articles posted right here on our WordPress site.

It’s not just about promoting our show:  The participants that are selected reap obvious benefits from the exposure generated when their segment airs, and we encourage them to leverage the publicity for their own gain.  Here are just a few examples:

  • We offer banner ads that can be added to the Participant’s website to promote their appearance on the show to their customer base.
  • We also encourage the Participant to share through their own social media pages, through personal and company blogs, and by posting and sharing personal photos or video that they took at the shoot location during production.  In fact, a recent study by Zoomerang indicates that 81% of small business owners use social media as a means of finding new customers and promoting their product or service.
  • E-mails, whether sent internally to staff or to members of a Participant’s mailing list are also a great venue for promotion.  Even adding a link to the segment at the bottom of an e-mail signature will prompt readers to click through to the segment.  In addition, company newsletters can also be used as part of the promotion.
  • Some participants even take the initiative and contact local radio and newspapers, as well as trade magazines, taking out print ads and purchasing radio spots.

By taking advantage of the cross-promotional platform, participants are able to spread the word about their company to more potential clients – while we, in turn, reach out to more potential viewers.

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